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12 Angry Jurors

TWELVE ANGRY JURORS unfolds in a New York City courtroom on a sweltering August evening as a jury is filed into a deliberation room.  They are tasked with determining the verdict in a murder case in which a young man is accused of killing his father and faces the death penalty if found guilty.  These dozen nameless citizens find themselves in the role of potential executioner, but first they must face themselves, their biases and their own sense of justice. What starts as an open-and-shut case soon twists into an edge of your seat drama as each juror begins to question how they should cast their vote.

Staged in Granite Bay High School's makeshift Black Box Theater, seating is limited.

Directed by Cameron Erickson, Taylor Wilson & Alee Yap

Foreman  Sophie Brubaker
Juror #2  Anika Maney
Juror #3  Elise Ramos
Juror #4  Madeline Clark
Juror #5  Ryan Alpha
Juror #6  Katie Hunter
Juror #7  Kylee Riddle
Juror #8  Vincent "Nick" Martinez
Juror #9  Mehdi Hajar
Juror #10  Nate Challis
Juror #11  Mark Kostyuk
Juror #12  Colby "Cheese" Bradford
Guard  Kendall Lilley