Much Ado About Nothing

Staged in Granite Bay High School's Theater.
November 2, 3, 4 & 9, 10, 11 of 2017
$8 Student | $10 Adult
6:30 Doors | 7:00 Curtain

Fresh off their state championship, the Granite Bay Grizzly football team has returned home to fanfare and celebration, organized by ASB President - Leonato. With the help of Leonato and her ASB cabinet, football captain Don Pedro has planned a huge celebration bash.

During the festivities, young football star Claudio has developed an affinity for Leonato's younger sister, Hero, and they quickly decide to make their relationship official. While the two of them plan their future with one another, Hero and Leonato's cousin Beatrice continues to banter and torment her long-time nemesis, Benedict. Hero, Don Pedro, Claudio and Leonato decide their banter has gone on long enough, and they plot to make them fall in love with each other.

Meanwhile Don John, the disgruntled brother of Don Pedro, contrives a malicious plot to use social media to turn Claudio against Hero and humiliate everyone associated with the football team and ASB programs.

Cast & Crew
Leonato - Olivia Caserta
Don Pedro - Daniel Patterson
Benedick - Colby Bradford
Beatrice - Delaney Dannert
Claudio - Jake Northam
Hero - Georgia Seagraves
Dogberry - Chloe Boyan
Verges - Stephen Hernandez
Don John - Mehdi Hajar
Conrade - Katie Hunter
Borachio - Olivia Brubaker
Antonio - Aleah Treiterer
Ursula - Erin Bryers
Margaret - Cayla Quinn
Balthasar - Avi Gattani
Grumio - Tim Nelson
Campus Watch - Matt Gandler, Aidan Maney, Emma McCann, Maya Seagraves
"Friar" Fran - Mikayla Hinds
Messenger - Devin Manzo
Sexton - Colin Hassoun
Ensemble - Olivia Appel, Megan Atwell, Isabella Balboni, Monique Boparai, Bethany Brooding , Jason Dell'Orto, Maddy Earhart, Maddie Jenkins, Sameer Kazim, Kendyl Kring, Thomas Larkin, Ashley Lucia, Sophie Miller, Morgan Peterson, Sammie Small, Julia Tastor, Blayke Wilkerson, Cheyanne Wilson, Kasey Yean

Assistant Director & Stage Manager - Kyra Hull
Technical Crew - Dan DeMattei, Erik Kostyuk, Isabella Lazaro, Maddison McDermott Lauren Roque, Bronson Vanderjack